Do You Know Mimecast’s U.S. Channel Director, Sean Broderick? CRN Thinks You Should!

Meet Sean. Not only does Sean lead Mimecast’s North American channel operation, he was recently recognized by CRN as one of its 100 People You Don’t Know But Should! The CRN list recognizes individuals – unsung heroes, if you will – at vendor organizations who are responsible for driving the behind-the-scenes efforts in channel marketing, operations and sales.

What landed Sean on this exclusive list? Maybe it’s the fact that while in the past year alone, as Mimecast's Channel Chief, he has tripled the size of its U.S. partner base.

I recently sat down with Sean to learn more about the secret behind his success, and wanted to share our discussion. Enjoy our Q&A:

Q: What are three elements to leading a successful channel operation?

A: First, as a company, we need to internalize that we are a channel organization rather than we have a channel organization, which means we need to design our corporate goals and action plans around a channel go-to-market plan, rather than set aside a few resources to go build a channel. Having a channel organization means that there are a number of people within the company dedicated to thinking about the channel – being a channel organization means that everyone is.

Also, the key to success is modelling a value proposition to partners that they can not only relate to, but that they also find easy to work with. Our value proposition to our partners – recurring revenue, high margins, widely adopted technology – are all easy concepts to grasp and get energized about. We are always looking at our processes to ensure that we are easy to do business with.

The final challenge is creating trust and loyalty. The key to developing trust and loyalty is transparency with your partners and having a process in place to manage conflict, which is inevitable. Our partners need to know that Mimecast is going to protect their interests.

Q: How did this approach lead to tripling the size of Mimecast’s U.S. partner base last year?

A: I think the widely adopted technology aspect has been a big driver. Mimecast technology can calculably benefit any organization that manages data and/or uses email. It’s that simple. The key for us has been creating a frictionless process to enroll, enable and engage our partners to make them successful. We have some pretty unique vehicles and programs in place to help make our partners successful. Of course, there are cornerstones like deal registration and MDF, but other things like dedicated cold calling resources for blitz days, and renewal protection that builds annuity, have been well received, and have demonstrated real value to our partners.

Q: In your own opinion, what makes your personal approach/philosophy stand-out in the industry?

A: Mimecast's culture is unique - humility is top priority. I have worked  hard to grow and develop this as part of our channel culture. It gives us a sense of confidence that we don't always have to know the answer, so we can experiment a bit. If something works, great. If not, we are nimble enough to change it quickly before it can have a negative impact.