The Archive Unleashed

The Interactive Archive was first introduced as a concept on this blog in November last year.

It’s an idea that has since rapidly evolved, fueled by heightened expectation from users and IT teams that there should be one unified place to find useful information. That critical information is becoming harder to find and use as it fragments across the official and shadow IT network.

The growing interest is why we're hosting a free 60 minute webinar with respected analyst firm Forrester (‘The Archive Unleashed’ on 1st October 3pm UK, 10am EST US, 4pm SA) on this subject in a few weeks. Of course there are still parts of the concept that need to be landed but I’m excited at how quickly the rest of it’s falling into place. I'm particularly looking forward to the interactive part of the session as I'm sure there will be a number of ideas and questions which will build on the whitepaper on this topic we published with that blog post.

To provide a sense of what we’ll be presenting and discussing, here’s a quick recap of what an Interactive Archive is…

An Interactive Archive acquires a user’s desktop application information, along with their web applications such as Dropbox and their communication data like emails. It stores a central copy under IT’s management, resulting in a single view of this information to give the business an easy-to-access repository for compliance and business intelligence.

Administrators will be able to set flexible and granular retention controls as well as define a perpetual retention without worrying about performance or scalability issues in the future.

While for users the benefits are beyond eDiscovery, with a new level of interactivity with this information through platforms such as Outlook, SharePoint, mobile devices and APIs all bringing new ways to access the accumulated data.

As I mentioned earlier, in the spirit of interactivity we’re hoping participants will bring along questions to ask the experts at the webinar where we’ll be covering why businesses have outgrown traditional archiving and the impact of tapping into the archived data. Feel free to send me the questions directly ( or post a comment after this post.

I'm pleased to say that we're joined on the webinar by Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and Raymond Sherwood, Infrastructure Manager, Symmetry Medical who will bring their own unique perspective as to why this will be an area of innovation for years to come.

You can register for the free ‘The Archive Unleashed’ webinar on 1st October here. Hope to share ideas with you then!