It’s Official. Mimecast Is Ten Year’s Old and One of the UK’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies

On the 15th September, The Sunday Times in the UK published its annual list of the country’s fastest growing technology firms – the Tech Track 100.

It was great to see that Mimecast has continued its record of ranking in this prestigious listing of the country’s fast growing firms. This year we secured 79th place with growth of 47% and £42.7m in revenues. We were particularly pleased to see that we are also the 12th largest firm listed this year.  If you want to take a look at the full Tech Track 100 article you can find it here.

We are unusual as this was our fourth consecutive appearance in the ranking.  In 2010 we were 2nd with £13.3m in revenues; 16th with £20.9m in 2011 and 45th with £31.1m in 2012. As a company matures of course it’s tougher and more unlikely you will hit the percentage levels of growth annually that you see in your start up years and that put you higher in the rankings – in fact most of the top ten this year didn’t even rank in the 2012 list. That said, it’s great to see that we remain one of the leading firms in the UK.

It marks a successful FY2013 for the business. Our strong revenue growth has been built on our ability to combine investment in an innovative technology platform with a top-class team. We’ve grown our installed customer base to more than 7,500 and have over 2m end-users of our services. We achieved significant growth in the U.S this financial year - opening two new offices in Chicago and Dallas, and expanded into new larger spaces in San Francisco and Boston. We also opened our first APAC regional office, in Melbourne, Australia.

As we look to our future, not only do we aspire to being the largest and safest repository of unstructured business data, we’ll also enable companies to exploit this data to its full potential. With our help, data that currently lies fragmented across the network or unused in long-term storage archives, will be secured, consolidated and put to work to become a powerful tool for business change and competitive advantage. We’ll work with our customers to ensure they benefit from the value inherent in their data by converting ‘data at rest’ to ‘data at work’.

So we’ve come a long way and grown significantly but there is plenty left to do.