Drivers Start Your Engines

Last Wednesday night the Mimecast team joined customers, jumped into stretch Hummers and headed over to the local go-kart racing track here in Vegas.

A great evening was had by all. In my case, I was challenging for first place and was cynically taken out of the race by my colleagues, just as I was about to claim victory. But I took it with good sporting grace of course. Congratulations to Peter Smith who won our Mimecast team race.

Anyway - I feel better getting that off my chest. Now to honor our customer winners.

After a hard fought race, Ken Orgeron from Gardere Wynne Sewell was the evening's winner. Second place went to Damian Burdette from Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips and third place to Jason Russo from HDP.

It was great to get a chance to spend time with some of our valued customers at ILTA 2013. After a busy show, everyone seemed happy to get out of the conference center for a while and let loose their inner F1/NASCAR driver.

We’re already thinking about our next challenge when ILTA moves to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. Perhaps I’ll get a clear track and a chance to get my deserved place on the winner's rostrum next year.