Pace is Accelerating as We Sign Our 2 Millionth User

As we celebrated this week passing the landmark of 2 million users for our service, I was reminded of Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Tipping Point’ which attempts to describe ‘three agents of change’ or acceleration in epidemics. A small group of well connected, vocal ‘persuaders’, combined with a message that resonates (‘stickiness factor’) and a favorable environment for change will, apparently, cause ideas, products and behaviors to spread like wildfire.

Well this has been our experience at Mimecast too. We’ve added 1 million new end-users to our service in just 20 months breaking us through the 2 million user landmark. This, in itself, is impressive and a real milestone for the company, but it’s not only the number of users I’m proud of, it’s the pace of acceleration for the company that’s so thrilling.

Ten years ago, Neil Murray and I set about building a platform for SaaS with the specific objective of addressing the increasingly painful task of managing corporate email. We scored an instant hit with the legal sector, for obvious reasons, and grew from there. It sounds so simple – it wasn’t – but, looking back, we had the 3 core ingredients of Gladwell’s book: an enthusiastic, vocal group of core supporters in the legal sector, a compelling message around reduced cost and complexity of email management and a favourable environment as the benefits of cloud computing were beginning to emerge.

Eight-and-a-half years later and we found ourselves with one million users globally – bingo.

This milestone marked a new stage in the company’s growth. We were able to extract even more value from our customers’ data, moving towards our vision of being the world’s largest Information Bank. This time we reached the next milestone only 20 months later.

These are exciting times to be at Mimecast: we continue to solve painful email problems, but increasingly we’re talking about the value of unstructured data and the potential of our platform to liberate the value of that information and turn corporate email into a corporate asset.  And it’s a message that’s sticking: in the last five years, our users have gone from 160,000 to 2 million.