Large File Sending…Now Easy and Safe

Today we announced a new service available to customers in August, Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook.

This is significant for us, and we think for our customers too. It shows our ability to deliver services to solve significant problems that go beyond our core archiving continuity and security offers.

By capitalizing on the platform we have spent all these years building, we can now add valuable services for our customers that give them critical functionality to take full advantage of the power of their email archive.

We think Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook is a great product because it fixes elegantly and simply a real problem for IT teams – how to give users the ability to send the large files they are asking for while reducing the impact this has on the network. It also does this in a way that helps them eliminate the worrying Shadow IT risk they face when they know users are turning to consumer cloud storage and sharing services when their network won’t give them what they want.

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End-users are faced with ever increasing file sizes that need to be shared. In order to do this, we’ve seen them placing their trust in services that are geared towards consumers, services that meet the user’s requirement of sharing a file but that don’t necessarily take into account the risks that the user is exposing their organization to. Potentially vital data is leaving the safety and governance of the corporate network for the wild west of consumer cloud file sharers.

This is a significant concern for the IT team that was highlighted in a recent report for Mimecast by Freeform Dynamics on Shadow IT. It found that 81 percent of IT teams are concerned that employees are putting sensitive data onto consumer cloud storage and services like Dropbox and Box. These cloud large file sharing services have become a “Shadow IT menace”.

Before today, IT managers running corporate networks had three stark options:

  • Block large file sending over email and ignore end-user complaints that doing this is vital for them to succeed
  • Spend a fortune on installing and managing yet another costly point solution on the network
  • Turn a blind eye to the risk from people using consumer services like Dropbox or Box and hope nothing bad happens

Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook is a seemingly simple service that fixes these problems and is a win for both the end-user and the IT team. Users can easily send the files they want and IT managers know they do it safely.

Users simply attach a large file to their email in Outlook press send. The Mimecast service uploads the file in the background and notifies the recipient of their secure download location and access key when it’s ready. The service delivers:

  • End user flexibility – Users can send files up to 2GB directly from Microsoft Outlook. They can also choose to receive download notifications so they can track when files are viewed by recipients or set limitations for how long the file is available
  • Enhanced security – Content and Data Leak Prevention controls can be set centrally for sensitive information and all file uploads are encrypted (SSL) and stored with AES encryption
  • IT visibility and control – Administrators can be notified of policy breaches as well as specify the file size that can be sent and received within the organization
  • Increased storage – Large File Send allows policies to be set to stop large attachments from being stored locally in end-user mailboxes freeing up valuable storage space

Mimecast Large File Send for Outlook will be available from August. For more detail, do check out this short video here.