Giving something back for Systems Administrators Day!

Friday marked the 14th annual Systems Administrators Day.

Rather than writing another blog post to mark the day, we decided we’d like to do something that really gives back to the people who make our lives a little better every day.

We’re doing this by hosting a free two day Microsoft Exchange 2013 training session for a group of our UK based customer’s Systems Administrators. As with any event, seats are limited, but we think this is such a cool training session we've made ten seats available  to be won from today! (If you're a Mimecast UK customer wanting to know more, please contact your dedicated Customer Account Manager or email the team at

As you'd expect, we are big supporters of the Microsoft Exchange ecosystem which is why we've decided to invite three gentlemen to host the event whose credentials read like a who’s who of Microsoft Exchange experience.

In fact, these three gents have just released an insightful new book titled “Microsoft Exchange 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution”.

They are Nathan Winters, Nicolas Blank and Neil Johnson.

They'll be running a two day training event we’re calling the ‘Mimecast Exchange’ with a view to providing a great foundation for SysAdmins looking to migrate to Exchange 2013 from a previous version.

The first day will focus mainly on theory, understanding what you’re moving to, what the benefits are, the changes in architecture and what the migration processes will entail. It will also cover the planning and design elements of a migration.

The second day will be a much more practical day with Nathan, Nic and Neil working through specific scenarios to maximize the relevance of the knowledge for you.

Each attendee will be given a signed copy of their book to make notes in so that you can not only keep track of what is being discussed, but you can also keep a much richer set of context for the notes you’re taking.

So, a free training session delivered by three of the world’s top Exchange experts with a free copy of a great book relevant to any SysAdmin working with Exchange! You’re probably thinking ‘That sounds great, how do I get my seat?’

Basically, we thought it’d be cool to do offer some of the seats via a competition. There are a few ways to get into the running for a seat: -

    • Twitter: Simply follow @Mimecast and tweet about entering the competition using the hashtag #MimecastExchange
    • LinkedIn Group: Simply request to join the group “Microsoft Exchange 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver” and post a discussion in the group telling us a bit about the versions of Exchange you have and something about your architecture. Please note: Discussions with the most detail will be selected by the three authors to become the focus scenarios for the migration workshops on the second day of the training session. Please remember to use your discretion about potentially sensitive information.
    • LinkedIn Follow: Simply follow the Mimecast Company Page and share a post that has the term “Mimecast Exchange” in it.
    • Blogging: Publish a blog post about your environment and why you would like to attend Mimecast’s training session and link to Please Tweet the blog post using the #MimecastExchange hashtag so we can register the entry. If you aren't on Twitter, then please share the link via LinkedIn and mention @Mimecast so we can register the entry. We are also looking to find scenario’s to choose from in blog posts so let us know about your posts! Remember, the same caution about sensitive information exists here too!

Each entry type is one entry meaning that someone who really wants to attend can have as many as four entries in total.

Please note, full terms and condition are published here

The event is being held on 31st of October and the 1st of November at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place in London and will start at 9:00 AM both days and finish around 5:00 PM. Registration will open at 8:00 AM.

To complement the event we hope the LinkedIn Group we've created will prove to be a valuable ongoing resource for you and all three authors are moderators of the group so you’ll have an opportunity to share and learn from them and other participants whether you attend the event or not. As this is a SysAdmin specific group, we intend to keep this group as an active and thriving resource for people to find quick and relevant answers to questions about Exchange 2013 and the work required to migrate to it and won’t allow the group to be used for promotional or marketing purposes.

So all in all you can see we really are building something to give value back to the community to mark the 14th annual Systems Administrators Day. With your help, next year’s celebrations will mark a real step change in the way our community is working together through events like Mimecast Exchange and forums like the new LinkedIn Group.

I look forward to meeting many of you in October!