Mimecast UK Grid Outage – Incident Update. 1530hrs

This update forms the closing technical update for the UK Grid outage and recovery that has occurred.

Mail Flow and Routing

All UK odd and even numbered grid hosts are now processing email as normal. Residual queues and some slowness caused by processing backlogs may continue to persist throughout the day, but in decreasing numbers.

Other Services

There may be some continued slowness in other services provided by Mimecast Services for Outlook, Mimecast Services for Exchange as well as archive searches. This slowness is caused by the accelerated processing of the email backlog, we are aware of this problem and are working to reduce its impact throughout the day.

USA Issues

Some of our North American hosted customers have experienced problems with the DNS resolution of MX Records for outbound email. This has been resolved and we continue to monitor the situation.

Isolated Issues

We are still receiving reports of some isolated issues due to local configurations. If you are experiencing any continued problems with email delivery or AdCon please contact our Service Delivery team at support@mimecast.com

What Next?

We will be making an Incident Report available shortly, which will be sent to all affected customers and Partners.

Our Customer Experience teams are taking proactive steps to contact all our affected customers in the coming days and to honour of SLA obligations.

Thank you again for your patience during this incident, we are very sorry we failed to live up to your expectations and will keep you updated as to how we are working hard to ensure this never happens again.  

The Mimecast Team