Mimecast Service Outage - Status Update - 0930hrs

Our infrastructure and technical teams have been working through the night to restore as many services to normal as possible.

Mail delivery to and from the Mimecast platform is flowing as normal, and in most cases there should be no queues or delays; there may be some residual mail queues where a large backlog existed overnight.

We still have some issues to resolve. The failed network infrastructure that caused the problems yesterday has been fully restored and protected from further outage, and we have made DNS updates that will route email away from hosts that remain offline. There are a small number of temporary work-arounds in place that will provide service to customers and allow us to restore normal service in the back ground.

Our infrastructure teams will bring service back online in a managed process so normal service will be restored throughout the day. Residual problems with Mimecast Services for Exchange and Mimecast Services for Outlook may occur, and customers may see queued messages with an error of “Unable to send message body” or “could not open file”. We are aware of these problems and will resolve them as quickly as possible.

Please continue to check this blog and our twitter feed https://twitter.com/mimecast for more details. We will provide more details throughout the day.

Thank you again for your patience.


Previous update and email routing information can be found here.