Mimecast: a Partner for Life, Not Just for Christmas

About 18 months ago, I went along to the CRN Channel awards more in hope than expectation of winning an award.  While we’ve always known that our technology is good enough to compete with anyone, we were nevertheless up against some huge, established brands in our category and I wasn’t sure how we’d fare against them.

CRN Vendor Report

Imagine my delight, then, when we won Security Vendor of the Year not just once, but two years in a row!  For me, personally, having joined Mimecast five years ago, it was a significant milestone in the growth and evolution of Mimecast’s channel community; it seemed we had ‘come of age’ and become a UK vendor that is really one to watch.

A similar feeling of excitement, rather than expectation, came over me today when I read the CRN Vendor report.  Competing against huge global brands such as Microsoft, Apple, HP, Intel and Symantec, I felt rather proud to see that Mimecast ranked 10th for overall vendor service (with Symantec coming in at 34th!) and first in the ‘Rebates and Margin Retention’ section was just the best reward for the hard work we’ve put into building a first class channel programme. We've always focused on customer satisfaction as well as Partner satisfaction so it's nice to see that this is valued by the Channel.

The Mimecast route-to-market is channel and, just like a good marriage, we take a long term view of the relationship with our partners, working hard to protect them, their customer relationships and their business.  We’re dedicated to creating a global community of loyal partners to support our continued growth by delivering powerful rewards for our partners.

How do we protect our partners?  Well one of the many statistics we’re proud of is our 97% customer renewal rate….we’re sticky! Customers that archive their email data with Mimecast stay with us, which is great news for our partners in terms of providing them with a predictable business model - particularly as we offer an industry-leading reoccurring margin, too.  Finally, we protect our customers by offering a dis-incentive to other channel players who try to poach customers from existing partners meaning when partners bring their customers on board with Mimecast they're protected for the duration of their agreement.  We like to call it a ‘customer for life.’

As our industry awards have proven, our partners are vocal in their endorsement of Mimecast and are a significant asset to our company and we want to reward them for that support, so it was great to see Mimecast score highly in the CRN Vendor report for demand generation and funding.  Asked which vendor had delivered the most effective demand generation and VAR funding programme during the past year, one of the comments was:  “Mimecast do this better than anyone,” said the managing director at a major VAR.

I’m already excited to see where we come next year as we continue to invest in our partners and their development.