10 Years of Mimecast – The Start of Something Big…

Last week, around 450 people at various Mimecast locations around the world celebrated Mimecast’s 10th birthday.  In truth, only a handful could really relate to the journey from humble start-up to major industry player, so for the majority, last week’s festivities were more about taking stock as one financial year was closed and another began.

Mimecast 10 Year Anniversary

There’s no question that ten years is a major milestone, and just cause for celebration, but it’s also true that Mimecast’s future is now a more compelling story than our past.  For much of that decade, we’ve consistently revisited the genesis of the business, and told the story of how our founders met and conceived of a SaaS-based solution to the increasingly painful task of managing corporate email.  It’s been important to show that Mimecast’s platform was built for SaaS from day one, not retrofitted from some legacy model.

Increasingly, though, it’s the future that matters.  For our staff – we’ll be doubling the size of the workforce over the next 12 months – we’re a company that’s growing, providing fantastic career opportunities and investing in training to ensure Mimecast continues to put the needs of our customers front and centre.  For channel partners, we’re a strategic partner around which they can build a strong, profitable, sustainable business for the next decade.  And for customers, while we continue to solve those painful email problems, we’re increasingly talking about the value of unstructured data and the potential of our platform – and the API’s we’re making available - to liberate the value of corporate information.

It’s important to stress that this isn’t just Mimecast and our increasing sense of self-worth; it is a growing expectation of our customers, partners, investors and employees.  What does the future look like – what is the journey?

As I said, our 10th birthday, for most Mimecast staff, was a celebration of the momentum that the business is generating right now.  In the last five years, we’ve grown our customer base from 915 to 7,000 and our users have rocketed from 160,000 to almost 2 million.  In March alone, we took on 350 new customers and more than 200,000 new users, that’s 25% more users than the total for the first five years in a single month!

The realisation for most in the Mimecast ecosystem is that this is becoming something of an irresistible force.  The last ten years have been about laying a foundation.  It’s the next ten that will shape our destiny.