Postini Becomes Post-ini

Rather than add to the consternation about why this is or isn’t a good idea, we thought we’d share some stories about an alternative strategy for companies who are concerned about the handling of their email. You see, in truth, Postini customers have been migrating away for a long time.  Not because they don’t like Google Apps, but rather because when it comes to email, they want to work with a provider that is properly focused on email and really, really cares about supporting their business customers well.

You’ve probably heard about Google’s decision to decommission the Postini service as we know it. It plans to migrate all users to Google Apps-based email security within the next few months.

Take Tonkon Torp LLP, a US law firm which for many years used Postini until the combination of inadequate filtering and poor support lead it to seek an alternative. It, like many law firms, migrated to Mimecast and found it could get significantly more from a provider that invests continuously in making the email experience better.

While it might sound self-serving, we feel that we’ve earned the right to a point of view about service levels and performance in our industry. We serve over 5,500 business customers now and we take both service and platform innovation very seriously. Our retention and renewal rates are consistently above 98% year-on-year, probably because we invest in teams of customer facing engineers that are always available to assist our customers and partners with email-related matters.

With the increasing commoditisation of technologies such as anti-spam and anti-virus, offering standalone cloud services is no longer enough.  IT decision makers are increasingly looking for cloud vendors who can solve multiple problems with cost effective, integrated solutions, as well as providing high levels of customer support.  When something goes wrong with corporate email, it’s not fun, but if you then find out - in a time of real need - that you’re relying on a provider that has taken a commodity view on a mission critical service; it could be catastrophic. Most of Google’s customers never expect to speak to a real person; that is the genius of their core business model: search and advertising. But Mimecast customers and partners do expect to speak to us and our purpose is to be here to advise them and to provide an extraordinarily good email security, continuity and archiving service that integrates beautifully with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. We win awards for it and we pride ourselves in it, we are true email partners.

So whether or not the Postini decommissioning plan is a trigger event for you, you might think it prudent to be aware of what else is on offer. We at Mimecast would certainly like to talk with you.