Mimecast's Visionary Secure Email Gateway

Coinciding with the rise in demand for email has been a simultaneous boom in the market for selling things by email too. Our email administrators had to quickly add gateways that "filter out" this junk and rubbish as the chorus of complaints from end-users grew louder.

Mimecast Email Security

Mimecast has just been positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of the "Magic Quadrant" for Secure Email Gateways. Gartner release this report annually to evaluate the leading providers in the Secure Email Gateway Market. Mimecast has been placed in the Visionaries quadrant as a validation of our determination to bring innovation and progress to the Secure Email Gateway market. At Mimecast we recognise there is much more value and ability built into the Secure Email Gateway than is currently offered, we recognise that the Secure Email Gateway could do a whole lot more than anti-spam and anti-virus.

Secure Email Gateways have been an essential part of an email management infrastructure since the mid-nineties. Email servers used to plug straight into the Internet without any threat of malicious or meat related email (Spam, Ham or Bacn, if you didn't get that). To be fair email servers "dialled-up" to the Internet and did their scheduled send and receive of queued email over a normal telephone line. Then we added ISDN, ADSL, Leased Lines, Broadband, and today the types of always-on connection that mean our email servers have almost become instantaneous forms of essential communication.

Today, Secure Email Gateways are a must-have part of network security methodology, we can't live without them - unless of course you buy your shares, watches, herbal enhancements and little blue pills on the Internet; if that is the case, our spam is your news.

Some would have us believe that the Secure Email Gateway has become a commoditised part of the network. I would argue this commoditisation is only true if you choose to spend your IT budget with a vendor who is not offering any innovation, or product vision in return. You get what you pay for, and there are quite a few vendors offering well marketed, but technically-limited, budget solutions that will protect you, but nothing more.

As email evolves and adapts to the more collaborative work-flows emerging in businesses today, the email gateways will play in important role in controlling and securing the corporate intellectual property embedded within email. End users are already demanding increased flexibility and control of their conversations and relationships on a per-message basis, and from directly within their inbox. They yearn for the tools to solve the pain caused by their budget, unintelligent, email gateway.

Mimecast Email Security is designed to combine this increased flexibility with industry-leading security, delivering industry-first capabilities directly to the end-users, as well as centralized controls for the IT department to. Mimecast Email Security brings the value of the Secure Email Gateway back and delivers a vision of the future that enables email use in your business.

The latest version of Mimecast Email Security will be available this Autumn. The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, 2012, is available on our website.