CRN Fight Night Final Preparations...

There have been various sightings of Rodger tweeted at Mimecast as his ruthless training routine has hit new heights. Paperboys will have seen him at 4am running up Trafalgar Square stairs whilst fishmongers and market lads will have spotted him sprinting through Portobello market jabbing fresh meat as he dashes in the dawn sunlight.

The 7 day mark hits as David Rodger fine tunes his physical and mental measures before judgement day arrives next Thursday.


As the eyes of the UK Channel begin to turn towards Chiswell Street for CRN's Fight Night, a fair haired assassin can be seen deep in the Mimecast gym working towards one of the defining moments of his career. That assassin is of course David “The Doctor” Rodger, with the whole company in his corner he’s looking to dispatch his opponent with surgical precision.

Who will be the Ultimate Fighting Champion on the night or do you think Dave will win?

After several closed door training sessions I was able to catch up with Rodger as he prepares for next Thursday’s action.“I’m feeling good, very confident actually.” said Rodger, a wry smile on his face as he sips from his energy drink. “I work and play in an environment which doesn’t allow you to feel shy or unsure. I’m incredibly focused now for the job in hand.”

It was certainly good to hear this from the man who has the expectations of a company on his shoulders. Having not seen The Doctor in a few weeks I can tell you exclusively he looks bigger, stronger and as one of the sparring partners found out – a lot quicker!