Twinterview with MIME co-creator, Nathaniel Borenstein

Before MIME, you couldn’t attach or embed anything to an email- no pictures, word documents, files or anything.

Almost twenty years ago, Mimecast’s very own Chief Scientist Dr. Nathaniel Borenstein co-created the email format Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension protocol (MIME) and, in doing so, laid the foundations for email to become the world’s dominant personal and business communication tool.

MIME enabled people to send and receive attachments via email, and an estimated 1 trillion MIME attachments are still exchanged every day!

I didn’t know until this week that the very first attachment was an image and audio clip of Nathaniel with his fellow Telephone Chords barbershop quartet members singing a short jingle about MIME written to the tune of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”.

To mark the anniversary (and demonstrate his continued love of all popular communications channels!), Nathaniel is hosting a twitter interview – twinterview – to answer any burning questions you may have about MIME, innovation, the evolution and future of email, email’s position in an increasingly social world, how to turn an idea into a world standard… and even barbershop quartets!

Nathaniel will be taking part in the twinterview for a full hour from his own Twitter account @drmime, and is taking all queries so get thinking! All questions should feature the hashtag #MIME20 to ensure Nathaniel sees them. His responses will also include the tag so you can watch the whole interview unravel. Date: 7th March 2012 Time: 3pm GMT Hashtag: #MIME20