Rodger never, at any point, looked as if he doubted his own ability and always knew he would be the man carrying the hopes and dreams of an entire company on his broad, muscular shoulders.

Dave “The Doctor” Rodger looks to silence the critics as he is announced as Mimecast’s chosen fighter… 

Cries of fear and panic could be heard echoing from the Centerprise offices today as the news filtered out of Mimecast HQ that Dave ‘The Doctor’ Rodger had been hand-picked to represent Mimecast at the CRN Fight Night 2012.

Come the 24th May, ‘The Doctor’ will be surely planning a slick, efficient operation ending in destruction rather than restoration; inflicting, rather than relieving, pain.

His patient? Jack Bulmer of respected IT provider, Centerprise. Obviously the underdog - and clearly fearing the match as we are told he has removed his picture from LinkedIn - Bulmer will need to bring his A game if he is to topple the mighty Rodger.

Having spent the day with the man of the moment, I was able to get an insight into the next few months and the journey he will now embark on which will culminate with him standing victorious under the bright lights. As well as his daily gym sessions, he will have an intensive session with CRN and double sessions with Urban Kings in a bid to make quick work of Bulmer.

Ever the gentleman outside the ring, Rodger was keen to compliment his fellow Mimecasters who lost out on the number one role. “Trevor and Rich both worked really hard and spurred me on to get where I am now. The better man definitely won but I have plenty of respect for them,” said Rodger. “I am looking forward to getting my head down in training and working hard. And I’m really looking forward to the event and bringing the title home for Mimecast.”

And what an event it is billed to be. As well as the headline Bulmer v Rodger match, there are eight thrilling undercard bouts to be settled. This year also sees the introduction of female contestants, so any budding female fighters out there can start thinking about CRN Fight Night 2013!

So now the hard work really starts - Rodger has Bulmer in his sights and he must stick relentlessly to his regime. In just under 12 weeks, he will go where no Mimecaster has gone before: into the ring to shed blood, sweat and tears in the pursuit of victory.

Let the drama begin.