That evening of knowledge transfer was the catalyst for all sorts of activity kicking off around the office as people started turning their attention to this fantastic event. The Doctor’s public Mimecast gym sessions have worked the office up into fever pitch, with his muscles and sweat causing hysteria in certain corners.

Mimecast CEO imparts wisdom on Rodger as he enters the final two months of training.

What began as a quiet Tuesday evening in the Mimecast gym turned into a veritable ruckus this week as none other than Peter Bauer, Mimecast CEO, made an appearance to share some fighting tips with our CRN Fight Night contender, David ‘The Doctor’ Rodger. And it wasn’t just physical training tips: mind, body and soul were top of the agenda as Peter sought to ensure that Dave is top of his game in every possible way.

After the crowds had died down, however, I was thrilled to be able to grab a moment with the two ‘men of the moment’ at Mimecast: the student and the teacher.

Humbled by the experience Dave, who is looking to overcome Jack Bulmer of Centerprise in May, was keen to praise his mentor: “To have a man of this professional quality in the gym with me gives me motivation in so many different ways. He can also pack a decent punch!”

“I think David found our training session together a tough but valuable lesson,” commented Mimecast CEO, Peter Bauer. “I have a lot of useful experience to share in building a fighting fit, winning team and, as David will find out, the bulging muscles are the easy part; it’s the mental strength that counts.”

In the next few weeks I will be shadowing The Doctor in training as he builds both mind and body so be sure to read on for exclusive photos and interviews with the man himself as he strives for corporate glory.