First, came the Mimecast assessment day. Then, came Judgement Day. Nine brave Mimecasters sweated blood and tears in training, and then sweated some more waiting for the results of the vote.

……Your Mimecast fighter shortlist is announced, but who will be our Rocky Balboa?

But then the waiting was over, and nine became three as you sorted the wheat from the chaff with your votes.

The Mimecast fighter shortlist, in no particular order, was announced as:

These are the names that could strike fear into the hearts of other fighters daring to enter the fight night looking to come out unscathed. But who will be ‘the one’ to represent Mimecast on the night?

Following the results of the vote, your Mimecast Musketeers travelled to the other side of the capital to attend the CRN Assessment evening to determine who would be the chosen one. With that embedded in their minds, the Mimecast warriors donned their vests and boxing gloves one more time. The only difference this time was that they were sussing out the competition from other vendors, resellers and distributors, while trying to impress the Fight Night representatives who could eventually choose them and their….gulp….opponent.

With the dilemma of whether to play down their ability or not, the fearless trio set about a punch bag deciding to give it everything they had. Hundreds of press ups and sit ups later, the Mimecast hopefuls were wondering if they’d made the right decision to compete after all!

So, what about the competition?

“A mixed bag” was the answer from the CRN Fight Night Representative. “The Mimecast lads were definitely on the better side of things”. Even Trevor :)

I came to the same conclusion; whoever the ’chosen one’ is matched up against, it will inevitably be a brilliant fight. Both males and females looked very tough with one girl even representing Britain, which made certain legs quiver: “She could definitely knock me out” whimpered Rich “Scrappy Doo” Dean.

So there you have it; stage 2 of a lactic filled journey is complete. All we can do now is wait for CRN to announce the Mimecast fighter……. and that is when the hard work really begins!