What features are driving people to Exchange 2010?

Looking at Exchange 2010?

In the Loudhouse research- "The Great Email Migration" commissioned by us at Mimecast- 57% of IT managers said they were upgrading to Exchange 2010 because of new features.

What are some of those features?

What's been a real focus for Exchange 2010 is to directly enable the email user to do more, and to do it more easily.

Free/busy is a great example of where Exchange 2010 is a great improvement.

Free/busy is a well known feature to users worldwide, however in older versions of Exchange it's nearly impossible to see the free/busy status of another user in another organization. Exchange 2007 enabled cross-forest free/busy lookup to another Exchange organization if the pre-requisites were in place. But it was still just free/busy.

Exchange 2010 builds significanly to that, by allowing organizations to federate with each other, and exchange free/busy information with detail, controlled by the administrators.

Assuming that partner companies in different forests and different networks need to see each other, Microsoft will broker and vouch for the authenticity of the relationship via a hosted service, and then enable each company to dial up or down the detail visible to the OTHER companies recipients.

Free/busy is akin to the availability feature of Lync or OCS when it comes to making the decision to make a call or not. Seeing another companies free/busy massively empowers users to work faster and more efficiently.

Another big step forward is MailTips with Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App and Outlook 2010.

MailTips enables the person emailing to see the Out of Office of the recipients before they send the mail. This eliminates that frustrating workflow associated with sending a mail again after thinking it was dealt with.

Managing availability between organisations and MailTips are just two of the many new productivity features available in Exchange 2010 which truly reclaim minutes in the information workers day. Help your people be more effective with Exchange 2010.

Migration on the other hand, isn't always easy... so we've produced a series of webinars and how to guides to help you migrate in the Migration Readiness Kit (registration required).