Mimecast iPhone App, Search your Email Archive on the go

Which is a really important point, and one you can't have failed to miss if you've had anything to do with corporate IT over the last few years. This blog and others have written about the consumerization of IT, a seismic shift in the way IT is delivered, Gartner's predictions were called "control slips away" which questions whether IT can be the dictator they once were. 'Bring your own Devices' in the workplace is reality for most IT departments, whether driven by policy or not.

Mimecast's CTO, Neil Murray, said the future is all about client/cloud in his blog post about Gartner's 2012 predictions. He closes the post by saying;

    "...the end user is king in our future and just about everyone else’s."

Mimecast iphone app

At Mimecast we've been watching these shifts in the way IT is demanded and delivered in the corporate environment since we began. We started talking about Cloud based email management before Cloud or pre-Cloud concepts had really taken off, and we've published research about the way end users see less of a boundary between their corporate IT infrastructure and the services they consume 'at home.'

Of course the Cloud and its clients have had a lot to do with the removal of these perimeters; the end user is finding the best, easiest and most available tool for the job. If they're a mobile or remote user their demands on the corporate environment are even greater, and businesses have had to get used to them being "on the road" by providing access but without compromising security. Productivity is vital, and as we've all seen productivity is now available to end users on a variety of devices.

At Mimecast we're launching a whole series of Apps, designed to allow end users to access their email archive from any mobile device. You may have already seen our BlackBerry app, which provides email archive search and email continuity; this is now joined by Mimecast Services for iPhone which gives iPhone users direct access to their email archive. Others are in the pipeline too, Windows Phone, iPad and Android.

At Mimecast we believe the end users will have an 'any device' mindset when it comes to productivity, and we're providing them with the tools they need to get their email back to work.