Gold Stars, for Mimecast's Unified approach to Email Management

Today is a brilliant day for us at Mimecast. We've been awarded a four star gold review by one of the worlds largest Exchange communities:! The highest possible rating. I can't express how excited we are here at Mimecast to have this well respected blog and community praise our service like this because these accolades don't come every day and I wanted to explain in more detail why it matters so much. Perhaps our greatest strength and simultaneously our greatest weakness is our integrated platform, we call it Unified Email Management. But because it's game changing, it means we spend a lot of time educating people about its potential and today is one of those days that all that work feels like it's paid off when an Exchange MVP agrees:
It’s not often I find a product overwhelming (in a good way). Typically, I find products do what they advertise themselves to do within the Exchange realm with a feature or two that might impress me along the way. Where Mimecast’s Unified Email Management (UEM) blew me away is that it does everything it advertises so smoothly, through a single console.
As more and more people like Peter see the Unified Email Management approach as the best possible way of doing things, the industry at large is really starting to take notice! Lots are rushing to build their own "Unified" solution which involves multiple vendors, acquired technologies or OEM relationships… Mimecast was built from the ground up as an integrated solution, quite an investment, and it’s not something that can be mimicked easily as our competitors are finding out… There's a big difference between gluing several products together and building a product that is integrated by design. Mimecast is a company that's been built by loyal fans, we call them customers. Once they've experienced our service, they tell their friends. When they change company, often the first thing they do is buy Mimecast. httpv:// Just look at some of the verticals we service such as legal, where we have over 60 of the top 100 law firms in the UK. Arguably some of the most demanding customers possible, Lawyers like their email to work! The reason they do that is the combined power of our services, Archiving, Continuity, Security as one, Unified Solution. I can't think of two more over used words in IT, yet they're so apt here and I can't think of a better alternative. Like any suite vs best of breed debate, you need to evaluate whether the features and functionality offered meets your requirements or whether the suite tradeoff is worth it. Individually, vendors might have specific features in their point product that we don't have, but often we find these are edge cases. With our new API coming- we'll be able to handle these edge cases even better. Although we firmly believe that the sum is greater than the parts, we do sell the products individually as Peter notes:
Keep in mind that each of these features stands on its own and can be sold separately, however, typically Mimecast customers will pay for the entire UEM bundle.
Because in todays IT environment, integration matters more than anything. It enables IT to deliver the agility that the business is looking for, above and beyond specific features. We've said often that the business doesn't care about how IT does things, it cares why. And the speed, the responsiveness the agility of the IT team is what enables that. So systems need to be easy to configure, so changes can be implemented quickly with the confidence that policies have been implemented consistently, in today's security conscious world.
The threat of virus and spam invasion of your messaging environment is greater than ever and it makes sense to block these things before they even reach your messaging servers. Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway provides protection and scanning of both incoming and outgoing email. Spam, malware, phishing, denial of service and more.
When downtime needs to happen the automatic continuity / disaster recovery kicks in. And we don't lack granularity either:
…combined with the fact that the solution is just so huge in terms of settings and such that we are going to focus on features in general…
I'd like to end with Peter's final thoughts:
To reiterate my initial thoughts, I found Mimecast’s UEM solution to be overwhelming… in a good way. An all-in-one with features that really just take the worry out of your hands as an administrator. Everything from legal compliance, to backup/recovery concerns, to having your server go down, to worrying about someone accidentally emailing something sensitive like credit card numbers… all of it wrapped up in one bundle. A bottomless email, an add-on for Outlook for users to search their own archive, no more dial-tone restores, a simple stationary tool to establish necessary disclaimers and such (Yes, Exchange lets you do transport rule disclaimers but have you ever tried to make it look good?... If so, you can see the need for an enhanced stationary feature here.) Aside from some critique of the Help system provided and the obvious need to make the Administration Console more colorful and 21st century in appearance, I think Mimecast has just hit it out of the park with the features they provide. The admin console is a little retro, but a new flavor is in the works and, from what I’ve seen, it’s much more visually appealing. I’m giving them a gold because that is the highest we go.
But we're not resting on our laurels: people on our customer community will already know we have a new administration console in the works and we're actively working on improving help and support ;)