Message headers in Outlook 2010

With so many administrators around the world asking users to send them the message headers of any email that behaved strangely, it is a wonder that Outlook 2010 has made it far more difficult to get to them. In this blog post, Bharat Suneja [MSFT] gives us a view on how to get back to the message headers. Essentially the steps are:
To access message headers, you must double-click to open the message, click File to access the Backstage view and click the Properties button.
He has also highlighted a way that administrators can set up a single click access to headers using the Quick Links shortcut bar. I am not sure which I would find easier to talk a user through when I am on the other end of a mobile call and they are screaming for blood... Either way, what this shows is that while the end user experience is improving, administrators are not being forgotten... I have asked the team at MSFT if this quick link can be automatically rolled out and will report back here when I get a response.