Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 Status

As someone who has managed and worked with Exchange servers for many years, my heart stopped.

On Tuesday the Microsoft Exchange Team announced that an issue had been discovered in Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 that could cause a database corruption to occur.

An update to this issue has already been sent out, letting everybody know the status of the fix. They have identified the code causing the issue, they have figured ouot how to stop it and they are now clearly doing some QA before releasing it back into the wild. I thought this issue was one worth talking about because it shows how far we have all come along when Microsoft are announcing quickly and efficiently that there is a problem and that it is getting fixed.

Statements like...

While only a small number of customers have been affected to date, we believe the risk is significant enough that we are recommending all customers to uninstall Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 on all Mailbox Servers and Transport servers. Uninstalling the rollup will revert the system back to the previously installed version. We have also removed the Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 download from the Microsoft Download Center and from Microsoft Update until we are able to produce a new version of the rollup.


Still, we have been able to identify the issue, remove the fix which introduced the problem, complete our testing, and expect to re-release the Update Rollup shortly.

...really does instill faith that Microsoft have seriously upped their game in the last few years with regards to public awareness. I wonder how many IT managers are going to feel vindicated in delaying their rollouts of this update and keep on delaying the roll out of new patches as a result? I would also like to know if they are applying that same logic to security patches which of course opens up a whole new can of worms...