Looking Back, Going Forward: 2010 in review

If you don't know where you've come from- how do you know when you've arrived? Before looking forward towards Cloud in 2011- let's look back at 2010- in acquisitions, to see where the industry is putting its money: I think it's clear that Cloud crossed the Chasm in 2010 and the Enterprise Software Vendors have piled in with acquisitions to sure up their positions. The main trends I would pick up from these acquisitions are:
  • On-ramp and Integration tools are critical to help Enterprises leverage Cloud (IBM, Dell)
  • Monitoring and Automation is key to Cloud (HP, Cisco, CA)
  • PaaS is the future of Application Development (Red Hat, Salesforce)
  • IaaS is key to Public and Private Clouds (CA)
So what will 2011 see for Cloud? Come back Friday.