Exchange 2010 for a single user deployment

Yes that's right, Exchange 2010 for a single user deployment.

I track all sorts of data that moves across Twitter and today one of my feeds showed me a sysadmin that was out in the field and busy deploying a full Microsoft Exchange 2010 server for one single user.

A groupware server for a single user? Luckily he was able to merge the CAS, HUB and MB roles onto a single server, at least this installation did not waste too much additional tin.

After I had rolled my tongue back into my mouth I thought about it for a little while to see what reasons I could possibly think of that would lead me to the conclusion that a fully deployed MS Exchange server would be the right solution for a single user.

I have to say I came up with nothing.

For my money this was not the right way to go though I am sure this user will never understand what all the fuss about management of complex systems is, their mailbox will be able to grow to multi gigabytes easily and still be backed up onto tape with rapid restore times. Maybe they will deploy a DAG later on so they can remove the backups from the picture? Who knows.

Surely a single user would be far better off using BPOS or EHS or any one of the myriad of hosted Exchange systems out there?

Or simply purchasing Microsoft Outlook and using that as a standalone application. Ok, so maybe activesync would be nice, remote access and the like, but that simply draws me right back to a hosted Exchange platform!

That is assuming of course that this single user actually needed any of the groupware functionality that a system like Exchange provides. Groupware... Does one single user make a group?

I would be very interested to hear your views on this one as I am still thinking about what would motivate someone to request this type of install.