What's cool in archiving?: Gartner says Mimecast is sub-zero

Leading industry analysts Gartner have recently announced their 2009 “Cool vendors in archiving?” report.   This report highlights which vendors have recently made the ‘coolest’ contributions to the field of archiving. Gartner recommends readers of the report “should continue to evaluate new, cool vendors as part of ongoing efforts to continue to update and modernize their services”.

Mimecast was highlighted as one of only four vendors in the report with specific mention given to the high performance and resilient grid platform and our broad functionality.

One of the interesting points about the report is that out of the four vendors covered, half of them are Software-as-a-Service providers.  Gartner goes further recommending  that organisations “...include archiving service providers in any archiving selection process...”.

The fact that 50% of the cool list are cloud vendors is a sign-of-the-times, and the fact that Mimecast archiving functionality is good enough to make the list of cool vendors against dozens of dedicated archiving vendors is a testament to Mimecast’s focus on ensuring best-of-bread functionality in each component of our broad range of email risk mitigation and compliance functions.

Mimecast’s aim has always been to replace all email management infrastructure, apart from the email server itself, with a single service available for one predictable fee, with a single administrative and reporting interface.  To do this you have to provide functionality that is the same or better than every on-premise point solution you are replacing.

Gartner has long been a proponent of cloud-based archiving services but many customers considering moving to the cloud have concerns about third-party infrastructures managing their data.  One of the top concerns expressed by customers is the availability and security of the service, these are issues I’ve tackled already in my Myths of SaaS blogs last year.

A copy of the report can be obtained from the Mimecast Website.