Mimecast for Office 365

The Mimecast UEM platform is tightly integrated with Office 365, enabling us to support customers moving to Office 365, or improve the email management experience for those already enjoying the benefits of Office 365. Adding Mimecast's cloud information management platform to your Office 365 and Exchange Online environment enhances your information management environment and brings email in the cloud closer

Mimecast Gateway Services for Office 365

    A rich set of email security gateway features that enhance email security, reduce administration overhead & complexity, and address compliance needs natively:

  • Superior anti-spam and anti-virus prevention, including targeted attacks.
  • Configurable, powerful DLP and Email Encryption tools to protect sensitive information and address compliance needs.
  • Disclaimer management and email stationery for email.
  • Large file sending and receipt, from Outlook, bypassing file upload and send limitations.

Mimecast Information Archive Services for Office 365

    An immutable cloud email archive for your compliance and eDiscovery needs, as well as end-user archive access; searchable from a browser, desktop and Smartphone or tablet:

  • A secure, perpetual cloud archive for all email and file data. Including current and historic employees.
  • Complete support for compliance, eDiscovery and legal hold requirements.
  • End-user access to personal archives through browser, Smartphone, Outlook and tablet devices.
  • Can be easily added to Mimecast file archiving to create a compliant archive of all unstructured data

Mimecast Continuity Services for Office 365

    A 100% availability service level to mitigate the risks of data & productivity loss during downtime:

  • Rolling 58 day archive to assist in outage scenarios or large scale platform migrations.
  • Fully populated inbox for end users available via browser, web, Outlook, Smartphone or tablet
  • End-user access to personal archives through browser, Smartphone, Outlook and tablet devices.
  • Automated administrator and end-user notifications in the event of outages.