Compliance, DLP and Encryption

As many businesses have learned when faced with litigation and email compliance, having a fragmented email environment can be very costly.

Mimecast removes the legal pitfalls of slow or partial email retrieval, providing rapid access to tamper proof email and data to support the most demanding requirements for email law and email compliance.

Early case assessment

Fast, iterative searches for early case assessment make more effective use of your legal resources’ time, improve the quality of email evidence and enable you to build a more effective case sooner. The faster you can locate the available evidence, the better you can prepare for, or even prevent, litigation.

Accurate disclosure

Because Mimecast is a unified system with powerful search and retrieval capabilities across all your email, it provides a functional search tool for legal teams that enables them to quickly and accurately determine what data will be disclosed.

Litigation holds

Mimecast allows simple suspension of relevant data purging, which enables you to identify potentially important data quickly and halt destruction until detailed analysis can be performed.

The highest quality email data for legal or regulatory purposes

All stored messages are tamper proof and with strong chains of custody throughout the entire lifecycle of each email, to prove its authenticity. Messages that are delivered by Mimecast will also have a rich set of metadata stored in the archive, which serves as valuable non-repudiation data.