File Archiving Overview

All your file data under one roof

Keeping track of your organization’s files can be an onerous and expensive task. 

Today’s organizations often have data distributed across multiple systems and on multiple sites.  Mimecast File Archiving brings that disparate data together in one secure archive that’s simple to manage and available to the whole company.

All your file data in a single, compliant archive

Our cloud-based file archiving solution brings your file data together into an instantly accessible, compliant archive.  We store it alongside your email data, letting you access both types of data together.  We archive files from network shares and user home drives.  Comprehensive search and compliance features let administrators find exactly the files they’re looking for in seconds.

The result is

  • A single, manageable archive containing all your corporate data
  • A comprehensive set of eDiscovery and compliance features that can be applied to all your organization’s file data
  • A cloud-based solution which lets you decommission or reclaim space on crowded internal file servers