Get Started

Follow these steps to get started today

Request an Application Key

All API requests require an application key pre-registered with Mimecast.

If you’re an existing Mimecast customer, click here to access our self-provisioning tool to request and manage your API Keys.

If you’re a 3rd party integrator, please email and include the following details:

  • Your application name
  • The name of the developer that you would like to be associated with the application
  • The email address that you would like to be associated with the application, Mimecast may use this to contact you about your application
  • A brief description of your integration / app including,
    • The problem that your integration solves
    • Which API functions you intend on using in your integration
  • Are you a current Mimecast customer (Y/N)

Start Building

Use the documentation and sample code to start building your integration.