Email is vital to your business. Your business runs on email.

It’s the main way you communicate internally and externally. A gateway to other critical IT systems. Home to a treasure trove of corporate information your employees value and that needs archiving to meet growing compliance, e-discovery and legal obligations.

You rely on email being available all day, every day. But it is under attack.

Email is now a primary way to attack your business and data, as well as your customers and supply chain.

Email needs help and protection. Email’s weaknesses expose business to risks that must be managed effectively.


Mimecast is making email safer for business.

Mimecast's security, archiving and continuity cloud email services protect business communications.

Mimecast reduces the risk, complexity and cost traditionally associated with protecting email. You no longer have to manage an array of disjointed point solutions from multiple vendors. And you mitigate single vendor exposure if you have moved your primary email server to the cloud with services like Microsoft Office 365. 

Mimecast’s best-of-breed services protect the email of over 13,000 customers and millions of employees worldwide against targeted attacks, data leaks, malware and spam. We give employees fast and secure access to sensitive business information, and ensure email continuity in the event of a primary service outage. 

Mimecast Services

  • Mimecast Email Security - Granular cloud email security controls that make it easy to protect email data and employees against known and emerging attacks, while preventing data leaks. Learn More

  • Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving - Secure, read-only and accessible cloud archive storage that maximizes the value of business information and mitigates information governance, e-discovery and litigation risks. Learn More

  • Mimecast Mailbox Continuity - Simple, cost-effective protection against system failure, natural disasters, system maintenance and upgrade risks that enables uninterrupted access to email from any device. Learn More

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2003 in London by Peter Bauer and Neil Murray

  • Based in the U.S., UK, South Africa and Australia

  • Over 13,000 customers in more than 100 countries

  • 500+ employees worldwide


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