Case study: Law firm relies on the cloud for email continuity and disaster recovery

"Mimecast has provided us with everything that we could have imagined… backups, duplication, and replication. I’ve been able to eliminate extra servers, which decreases my server footprint. It decreases my energy consumption and makes me more green."
Joel Edwards, Director of IT, Winstead, PC

Video Transcript: Email Archiving Case Study: Winstead Manages Email "In the Cloud"

"Mimecast has provided us with everything that we could have imagined… backups, duplication, and replication. I’ve been able to eliminate extra servers, which decreases my server footprint.  It decreases my energy consumption and makes me more green."

About Winstead, PC

Winstead is a law firm of about 700 employees.  And we’re located here in Dallas, Texas, but we also have offices in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, the Woodlands, and Washington D.C.

We support corporations and banks, both on the transactional side as well as the litigation support side.

Timely email delivery is critical to client trust and confidence

The electronic messaging that occurs in email is the life-blood of a law firm. It’s one of the primary ways that we keep in contact with our clients and employees internally.

The timely delivery and the ability to access email regardless of our situation is absolutely critical to the client’s trust, confidence and faith that they put in their attorney. 

Business continuity during disaster drives the search for an email management solution

When we started looking at email management solutions altogether… the primary driver that got us looking was email continuity because of Hurricane Ike.

When the hurricane came through, we realized a shortfall in our ability to keep email available to our attorneys at all times.

So a business continuity scenario that required us to be able to always answer our client’s emails regardless of flame, pestilence or flood … presented us the opportunity to find a more holistic approach to get things consolidated into one much more efficient and much less expensive email solution.

When we started looking around at all the variety of email management solutions available, Mimecast provided the overall well-rounded picture of the requirements that were most important to us… particularly as a law firm. 

If any disaster occurs that knocks out any of my buildings or any of my systems because of fire, hurricane, or tornado, my data is all safe and secure elsewhere.  And we can resume operations easily wherever it is that we set up.

Lightning fast email search

One of the key things that I used to deal with everyday is electronic discovery.  We have the capability now of very quickly responding to needs of our attorneys to find any information on any search criteria.  We can turn that around in less than ten minutes.

And it just shocks the attorney because they can’t believe it happened so fast.  They want to know, “Did you search everything?” I say, “Yep, it’s all on one great big repository and one humongous search engine.” We can very quickly and very easily tag the email… send it to them. And they have everything they needed in a short amount of time.

Cloud computing lowers Winstead’s server footprint

Cloud computing is a very interesting and effective method of providing just the right amount of IT and technical support when it’s needed.  The cloud makes it a level playing field and raises all ships at the same time at the same tide.

One of the great benefits we’ve realized by moving to the cloud is the reduction in the server footprint that we’ve had in the past.  We’ve actually been able to reduce the number from a total of 12 down to four servers thus reducing the amount of energy that we’ve taken and have a positive green impact on our system. 

Exchange server outage for three days

About three years ago, here at Winstead, we had essentially a meltdown of our email system.  It made our access to our Exchange server unavailable for about three days.  The impact on our firm was tremendous when you consider the amount of billing that we were unable to do.

This was one of the things that was very pivotal about choosing Mimecast.  We could actually take our email system offline completely and still be able to access email through our Outlook client going directly into Mimecast.  It would have saved us back then, but we didn’t know at the time this was something that we could achieve.

A responsive Mimecast service delivery team

The thing that I noticed right away about Mimecast was their level of interest in my satisfaction.  Whenever we had an issue that rose to my level of interest, I would get a call from Mimecast usually that afternoon.  I got levels of support and interest all the way to the highest levels of Mimecast.

Mimecast’s infrastructure provides for economies of scale that I can’t.  And because everything was tied into one holistic solution it gave us access to all the capabilities in a one stop shop.

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